Teddy Olaso (Artistic Director & Co-Founder)

Teddy Olaso is one of the founders and directors of Toronto’s finest instructional dance company, UnitedSalseros. Having a background in internal martial arts, Teddy has an in-depth knowledge of somatic education, which allows him to produce positive and measurable results regardless of a student’s learning aptitude and experience. Teddy also worked as a Talent & Casting Agent for six years and had exposure to various kinds of actors, dancers & musicians, widening his artistic vision and growth. He has taken workshops, taught, and collaborated with professional Salsa and non-Salsa dancers, instructors & choreographers, ranging from Hip-Hop, Afro-Cuban, Oriental and Contemporary dances.

Within a short period of time, Teddy has trained over 300 instructors and performers through UnitedSalseros’ Apprenticeship Program and Mambo Mosaic Dance Troop, which both continue to serve as a foundational training for many of today’s top instructors and performers in Canada. In addition, Teddy has extensively trained and taught professional dancers and instructors from as far as Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Israel, Australia, and Mexico. Some of these dancers travel to Toronto to apprentice with him directly for several months or for more than a year. His instructional and training methodology is cutting-edge and holistic in nature--covering technique, musicality, timing, choreography, natural expression and creativity as an organic whole. One of Teddy’s most important goals is to continually refine his training and teaching methodology to provide an avenue for his students who wish to transcend into becoming proficient dancers, instructors, and artists.

Contact: / 647-609-0697

Rene Delgado (Artistic Director & Co-Founder – On Sabbatical)

Jesse C (Performance Team Director & Sr. Instructor)

Jesse started his dance training with international Latin dances (Cha, Cha, Cha, Samba, Jive, Rumba), as well as Standard dances before he started specializing in Salsa in 2001. Having been a successful competitor in ballroom dancing, he found the free style nature of Salsa both engrossing and challenging. He then started taking lessons with many of Toronto’s top instructors and has been actively training and teaching with UnitedSalseros under the direct tutelage of Teddy Olaso and Rene Delgado shortly after the school was formed. He is also one of the two Sr. instructors that can teach UnitedSalseros strict training and teaching standards for both students and teachers. He was a member of Grupo Sabroso, a performer and trainer for the amateur professional dance troop Mambo Mosaic, and now heads the UnitedSalseros professional dance team comprising of the school’s most elite dancers. Furthermore, he has taken Afro Cuban lessons with Ana Machado, Partner Work and Men’s styling with Jay San Andres, and has attended the numerous workshops of various instructors/teachers offered during local and international Salsa congresses. As with all UnitedSalseros top dancers, Jesse has a very dynamic and fluid style that can change at will, clear and supple leading, consistent timing on 1 and on 2; and advanced musicality. He has also taken some hip hop lessons and internal martial arts to further advanced his learning and now has his attention towards further improving his teaching, training and performing. Last but not the least, Jesse (along with his partner Alicia) encompasses the best qualities that UnitedSalseros training has to offer; from advanced leading/following, consistent timing, musicality, dynamic styling, and more importantly, the skill and humility to advanced and further progress in their teaching and performance career.


Alicia P (Performance Team Director & Sr. Instructor)

Alicia, another one of Toronto’s well-kept secrets, is emerging as one of Canada’s top dancers and instructors within a short period of time. She received training from Paula Videla and Jose Rodriguez from Dance to Live, as well as from all past and present Sr. UnitedSalseros instructors. She has also taken classes with many international instructors while attending Salsa Congresses in Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, Boston and New York. Having apprenticed directly and extensively with UnitedSalseros co founder and director Teddy Olaso, Alicia is one of the few dancers that have a comprehensive knowledge of movement technique in following, leading, body isolations, timing/musicality and spinning, plus excel at the strict, highly challenging standards UnitedSalseros requires for instructing such knowledge clearly, systematically and proficiently.

She is currently one of two Sr. UnitedSalseros instructors who have Teddy’s full confidence in instructional proficiency and is allowed to train other instructors. Thus, her leading and following technique as an instructor and dancer is first rate, unique and world class. She can adapt, adjust, match and/or emulate the leading/following style of any dancer. Many local and international visitors (New York, Montreal, Japan, Korea, Israel, Vancouver, Switzerland, etc.) have commented that she is one of the best followers (partner work, spinning, and styling) that they have ever experienced. This is truly extraordinary considering most of these comments come from only after 1 dance but not coincidental as she received advanced training in order to achieve such results. Last but not the least, she is also one of the permanent members of the newly established UnitedSalseros Performance Team, aside from being a performer and trainer for the professional amateur dance troop Mambo Mosaic.

Kevin G (Sr. Instructor & Performance Team Member)

Jody G (Sr. Instructor & Performance Team Member)

Jody started dancing Salsa in 2007 performing and teaching with some of Vancouver’s top instructors before moving to Toronto in 2010. Shortly after arriving in Toronto, Jody joined UnitedSalseros’ Semi-Pro Team performing at various Canadian Congresses and Salsa Festivals. After spending the past two years training directly with Teddy Olaso and other Senior Instructors, Jody is now an Instructor herself and the newest member of the UnitedSalseros Professional Dance Team. As well as performing, Jody is also involved in the training of UnitedSalseros Intermediate Performance Troupe and can be seen sharing the floor with other UnitedSalseros instructors during the weekly group classes.

Volunteer Teaching Asst., and/or Performance Team Members