Hello, everyone. Just a reminder for  After the Toronto Bachata Congress, Rodney (known as "Rodchata" and also my instructor) is staying with us for at least a week to hold intensive workshops in Dominican Bachata & Kizomba.  As some of you know, it took me a while to find the right instructor who is knowledgeable of these dances AS DANCED in their respective countries by the locals from various regions and by dancers of various levels.  Please support the workshops so we can fully enjoy the true variety of these dances and the separate and unique flavor they bring that is different but as equally enjoyable as Salsa done properly.  The workshop are as follows and will have a limit of 20 participants for those who can only attend one or two workshops), s you as always!):

Monday / Sept. 2 / 9:30 pm - 10:30 pm / Authentic Dominican Bachata Primer / $30 / Limited to 10 Men and 10 Women
  • Required for those who have never taken lessons with Rodney - regardless of one's level - or those who have not attended UnitedSalseros Bachata Program.  If you think you know authentic Bachata hip movements as danced in the Dominican Republic, we think you'll be in for a bit of a surprise just like most who attended his packed workshop two days ago, plus the movements can be sensual or "relative" friendly as you don't want to be grinding with someone you are related to!

TuesdaySept. 3 / 7:30 - 8:45 pm / Authentic Dominican Bachata Intermediate-Advanced / $40 / Limited to 10 Men and 10 Women

  • Learn more advanced syncopation and free-style steps and move those feet to the musical rhythms of Bachata!, It's like Karaoke with your legs but its less embarrassing if you make a mistake compared to going off-tune while singing to a song and this will help slow down global warming!

Wednesday / Sept. 4 / 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm / Non-Commercialized Kizomba Intensive / Limited to 10 Men and 10 Women / $50

  • Dance like the top locals!  No experience is necessary, but Kizomba is hot and here to stay!  Learn to execute the movements naturally and sensually!  Rodney was sponsored by the Angolan Embassy to teach Kizomba (as danced by Angolans) in Korea.  After he left, the population of Korea increased--at least in the Salsa scene!

Register for all Monday to Wednesday Classes = $80!

In addition, Rodney will also be available for private lessons (@ my apt. location) at a reasonable rate for one or two people.first come first serve.  Please book early and email me for scheduling/rates.

Last but not the least, a reminder that there are group classes this week are cancelled and classes will resume Monday, Sept. 9/03.  Please email me to register - no drop-ins as I need to ensure the workshop is suitable for your level and that there is available space.


Teddy O.