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What to Expect

Pictures by Solon Licas

Audition Jitters?  Am I Good Enough?

If you have visions that these auditions will have a similar format as "So You Think You Can Dance?" you can relax! UnitedSalseros has a more relaxed, thorough audition process that is more of an informal assessment of your skills (as per the evaluation chart). You will not be required to memorize a long sequence of choreography one after the other, although some of it will be required in order for us to assess your skills. Thus, you will not be required to retain perfectly execute all the choreography shown to you during the audition process. The only requirement is that you pay attention when the choreography is being taught and try your best just as if it were a regular class where the instructors are there to support you. Know that your audition is not “over” if you can or cannot do some or most of the requirements well. Our requirements are not easy to master and even current members have not mastered them all.

Our evaluation of your skills has its own set of performance standards, which may or may not match your own assessment of your skills (you may be more or less advanced in some areas). So please do not think that you "suck" if the assessment is not what you expected. This simply means that there is more to learn and that the company has its own set of performance standards just like any other company. You may or may not fully possess the skills we require, however, thorough training in these areas will be provided. We value a committed attitude and work ethic in both performing and social dancing. Thus, we do not want anyone who is high maintenance - this will be clearly defined in all aspects that are involved in being part of a performance team! Furthermore, another division may be formed should the turnout of talented dancers be high, or it may be entirely possible that another Group (lower or higher) maybe more suitable for you. Needless to say, whatever group you end up in, it will be challenging for you!  So we highly encourage everyone who is undecided. The outcome of auditions and allocation of dancers will highly depend on skills, attitude and turn-out. All teams may end up being a very advanced group if the levels of dancers who audition are very high. Regardless of the team you are accepted into, the choreography will be a challenge technically and artistically.  The focus is not just to "memorize" the choreography, but also to learn to move well and be musical, so that one becomes a well-rounded social dancer.

UnitedSalseros defines "advanced" as someone who is very proficient in all areas of technique, expression, choreography retention, music, etc; meaning they have control of the speed, size, range, variety and/or intensity of these skills. Hence, if one is struggling with timing, partner-work, spinning, body isolations, etc., then in what respect is the person "advanced"? When one reaches the semi-pro or pro division, our standards dictate that these skills ought to be on an even higher level. We believe, as students ourselves, that advanced, semi-pro and professional should not be merely defined in terms of whether one gets paid or not, but should also be an indication of one's skill level. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why there is a lot of supplementary training involved in the performance teams (especially the higher ones) in addition to Salsa. We believe there is always a higher mountain to climb and thus we would like to attract individuals with the same mindset. Therefore, it is important to keep this team philosophy in mind if you are considering auditioning for our performance team.

All other questions regarding scheduling, specific costs, communication protocols, etc., will be answered more thoroughly after the audition process, as well as once you have been accepted as part of any of the performance teams. Even though we already have a set time for our training and classes, you will still need to be flexible for the entire week should there be a change. This means that if you are accepted, any other hobby or activity (other than your job) will need to be moved should our schedule change due to studio rental availabilities or any other scheduling conflict.

We will contact those selected a few days after the audition once we have made our selection. Depending on the number participants, you may or may not be auditioning with other individuals. Please contact us if you have any other comments/questions regarding the audition. We will try our best to accommodate you.