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UnitedSalseros is an instructional company that focuses on dancing development and continual improvement of instructional and training methodologies in equal measure.  To date over 300 student volunteers, instructors, assistant instructors, performers, etc., from all over Canada and even abroad have trained with UnitedSalseros; many of which were already established dancers/performers/instructors in their own right. 

The school is unique in so many ways!

We use instructional and training methodologies that are second to none, ranging from technique in most areas of Salsa dancing, as well as learning to choreograph on your own with originality, creativity and musicality in a balanced manner.  We also outsource, knowing that no company can truly be perfect (just as much our instructors our sought  by other Salsa dance companies for training).  If you are looking for a performance and instructional team that is focused not only on good but exceptional leading, following, spinning, styling, isolations, expression, etc. strategies along with zero ego and humility, you will fit in right in here perfectly.

We are one of the few Salsa companies that can produce its own dancers from scratch, take them to a higher level regardless of one’s physical attributes (age, height, race, etc.).  Our routines are always interesting and balance choreography with a story to keep the audience engaged. Plus 90% of all choreography taught can be applied on the social dance floor!  Even though performance standards are important, the most important thing is that we develop you as dancers with an artistic edge.

Our students are active in the Salsa scene – not just in the studio or a controlled environment.  We provide support to all our students by organizing big and small scale Salsa outings, etc., but we also make sure that you get real-life experience in the Salsa community in general.

We challenge existing trends in the business to ensure that we are not merely following the status quo in order to avoid insulating ourselves.

Our instructors are humour-filled, understanding, and down-to-earth (but also stern if need be).  We do not encourage an environment where a hierarchy is built in order to simply keep you “hooked” into the school until you reach the “top.”  There is no “top.”  It is only a skill division so we can address your learning needs better and maintain our program standards.  Your social advancement is based on your own personality.  Everyone (shy, social, eccentric, etc) is welcome (However, harassment or any form of disruptive behaviour, as well as hygiene issues will be constructively addressed if needed).