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Performance and Training Expenses 2012

Outlined below are the expected costs, expenses and performance venues. Please note
that performance venues may change depending on availabilities.

Membership Costs:

$999.00 (July 2012 – October 2013)

This amount includes the Tuesday rehearsal, as well as mandatory Wednesday class.
It is also highly recommend that you attend Saturday technique and group classes,
but not mandatory. The full amount is due when the training commences on Tuesday,
July 10, 2012.

Estimated Traveling Expenses To Consider (Per Salsa Congress Outside Ontario)

$100 - $175 / Discounted Mandatory Congress Performance Pass
$50 - $100 / Gas (shared by 4 – 8 people)
$50 - $100 / Car Rental (shared by 4 – 8 people)
$120 - $150 / Hotel (shared by 4 – 6 people, 3 day period)
$100-$200 / Food & Beverages (based on 3 meals per day, and light drinking)

Flights (If necessary – depends where it is – we currently only have one Salsa event
that warrants booking a flight outside of Ontario, and that is the Vancouver Salsa

The Full Congress Pass (mandatory purchase) usually involves 3 nights and 2 full
days of workshops from local and international instructors, as well as social
dancing for the duration of the congress and is due usually at least a month and
a half before the performance. Traveling expenses are due once plans have been
finalized to avoid having anyone incur any expenses in order to temporarily cover
for others’ payments. Full congress passes are mandatory because it is to the
company’s benefit marketing-wise to have you actively participate both in the
workshops, onstage and on the social dance floor. The membership cost alone is
not sufficient to run a performance team (even with all spots filled) as its cost is
considerably more economical than just signing for a regular class with the same
amount of classes taken. Hence, the main benefit is really your representation on all
fronts. Night passes or just pay per day appearance in congresses if you are performing
is not an option for major Salsa congresses, conventions, festivals, etc. we are
performing at. Furthermore, you are expected to travel and spend time with the team
during these events (not sight see it or spend time with your friends that are in the city
unless time permits it) to cut down on costs. Spots for hotel accommodation,
transportation, etc. will first given priority to performing team members, then your friends
or significant others, provided they are aware and accommodate our performing agenda.

Performance Costumes

$150 - $250

(This amount does not include the appropriate shoes for performance (around $150 -
$300, depending on what you buy). However, these shoes are something you could
also use for social dancing (the performance costume may or may not be practical for
use outside the performance; it all depends on the routine). As far as expenses go,
however, we have normally kept the costume expenses around $125 to $200 during
the past years. We will give all performers at least a month’s advance notice before
these expenses are due. If we find that there is a discrepancy between the women and
men’s costume as is often the case, we may equalize this amount to fairly distribute
the amount to the team. Costumes become property of UnitedSalseros once you
leave the performance team even if it seems that you paid for it. The only reason
why this is not factored in with the rest of the costs as early as possible is to
allow members to save for it. We could have certainly just incorporated this amount
to your overall costs, but chose not to for logistical purposes. Please note that leaving a
performance team always creates more work for the choreographers as they will have
to find and train a possible replacement for you and thus is one of the reasons why
a deposit also is necessary to say the very least compensate for the inconvenience
caused to the company and the team.

Miscellaneous Expenses

We do not anticipate any additional expenses other than payment for the cost of using
the studio for extra rehearsals as we come closer to a major performance next year.
This usually costs anywhere from $25 - $50 per person at the most.

Make Up Class for Missed Classes: $40-$65 per hour (normal rate is $50-$75 for an
hourly private lesson, depending on who is teaching you). Please note that missing
classes, regardless of the reason, always ends up being detrimental to the progress of
the group as a whole. We will NOT slow down the class for those who missed classes.
It is the responsibility of every individual to catch up (either through other members or a
make-up class). We may require those who are falling behind seriously to do a make-up
class if it is clear that the performer is having great challenge retaining or executing the
routine, despite being helped by other team members. These make up classes can be
shared by several members if necessary to lower expenses. The moral of the story: do
not miss rehearsals!

Planned Performances

Quebec City Salsa Festival - September – 2013

Canada Salsa Congress – Toronto – October 2013

UnitedSalseros Halloween Party – October 2013

Gatineau Salsa Fair – April 2013

Montreal Salsa Convention – May 2013

Small venues and newer events in Toronto for 2013

Possibly some US venues, or even further!

These performances are dependent on the no. of participants and their availabilities, as
well as the number of slots per congress performance. UnitedSalseros is almost always
invited to major Salsa events in Canada as we have been avid attendees of all past
congresses and have an established reputation.

A Word On The Expenses

Even though adding up all the expenses initially may seem expensive, we still outlined
them for you as much as possible in order to give you a realistic outlook of what
to expect (rather than just surprising you suddenly with extra costs). Aside from
the traveling and performance expenses (which are expected and mostly reduced
because you are traveling as a group), the cost of the membership and the training you
receive is nothing next to a bargain. Please note that a regular 10-week program with
UnitedSalseros once a week would cost you $200.00.

Within a year, this would most certainly cost you at least $1,000.00 (remember just
once a week). On the other hand, the cost of the membership is much less when you
consider the overall amount of training you are receiving. You would definitely be paying
at least $200 for only 2 classes per week (including rehearsal training) and considerably
more if you attend more than 3 classes per week.

Refund & Management Policy

We unfortunately have a no refund policy once you’ve signed up and are unable
to continue for any reason (unless you can find a replacement for yourself who
is willing to take your place – already ready for the routine with respect to what
we’ve covered technically and choreography-wise, and he/she is willing to pay
the due amount due back to you). As you can see, there are many factors to consider
because the amount of time, work and manpower resources to manage a performance
team are significantly demanding and time consuming. In the event that we are unable
to rehearse due to events that are beyond our control (natural disasters, war, “zombie
attack” or any form of mass catastrophe that will prevent the group from rehearsing—
heaven forbid), we will obviously have to postpone rehearsals until things have returned
to normal and the “zombie” or whatever disaster has subsided). We are, of course, just

humoring you about the zombie situation, but we think you get the general idea!

UnitedSalseros also reserves the right to change policies within reason which would
beneficial to the management and effectiveness of the performance team both on stage
and on the social dance floor. In the even this happens (such as a necessary rehearsal
schedule change), we would try our utmost best to go with what is acceptable to us
and then take into account the majority of the performance members availabilities).
Furthermore, as mentioned, a communication contract will be signed to ensure that you
fully understood what is outlined and written down here.