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Ana Machado
For several years now, I have had the experience to work and dance with, as well as observe, dancers coming out of the UnitedSalseros training methodology.  United Salseros dancers aim to develop a well-rounded and balanced approach to dancing similar to the attitude displayed by excellent dancers of various dance disciplines I have observed in my extensive career as a professional dancer and teacher for more than 30 years.  With well thought-through and multi-faceted dancing technique, their talent is brought out and blossom in exciting ways, which makes them interesting to watch as they develop into dedicated performers, instructors and social dancers.

Ana Machado
Afro-Cuban Dance & Salsa Instructor
Professional Dancer (30+ years)

Christina Piedra
We have been performing and teaching for many years, and have met countless instructors and dancers. Although we strongly believe that there is  something to be   learned and admired from everyone, we can honestly   say that Teddy is one of the most comprehensive and analytical Salsa instructors we have come across. His theories and teaching systems are very thorough,creative, and technically sound. In addition to being an excellent teacher, Teddy is a great social dancer (both as a leader and follower), and has also put forth several inventive and creative performances for his company. One of our favorites was the "Chess Match" in which the dancers were chess game pieces. Teddy's system of teaching has produced some high-quality dancers. Jesse, one of Teddy's senior instructors & performers is one of my favorite social dancers in all of the Salsa scene, and it is a true pleasure to dance with him! He is a smooth, clear, yet challenging leader who guarantees a great dance every time. I have also had the pleasure to dance with Alicia, whom I have both led and followed. She is not only a great follower but also has very impressive leading skills herself! Last but certainly not least, Teddy and his team are just nice people. They are friendly, kind, and Teddy is downright have to experience this for yourself! United Salseros have always been hospitable to us in our visits to Canada. We respect them as peers and also as friends.

Christina Piedra,
Cultural Explosion Dance Company

Dave and Zoe
UnitedSalseros have the best and most comprehensive approach for dancing salsa in the world.  I have travelled to over 30 countries worldwide, and the best instruction for technique and style is in Toronto at UnitedSalseros.  When Zoe wanted to learn salsa 4 years ago, I brought her to Teddy because he is the teacher I thought had the best communication skills & knowledge for spinning, leading and following, imagery, and style.  UnitedSalseros have a unique system for in-depth dance knowledge, and it should be a center for international level salsa instruction.

Dave Paris & Zoe Klein
Paradizo Entertainment
Semi-Finalists America's Got Talent

Maritza Gonzalez
United Salseros is the connection between music and dance.  Their musicality makes them one of the best companies and group of instructors in Canada.  Their technique defines them as a balance between the qualities of movement that are needed to achieve a harmony within dance.  Teddy has created his own style to show salsa in a form that can be learned in a natural form; a system of communication within dance where different dances are fused and act as one.  United Salseros are characterized by their originality and for making history within dance.

Maritza Gonzalez
Tierra Mia Dance Company

Ana Masacote
Our company emphasizes technique and foundations in our classes, for that is what will help you improve quicker in the long run.  It was noticeable in our guest workshops with UnitedSalseros' group how much attention was placed on technique.  Teddy and his instructors have an uncanny ability to explain the most minute details that teachers often leave behind, and it shows in his team of dancers. UnitedSalseros instructors has done an amazing job training them.  My dancers are always raving after their dances with the people from his team and are always looking forward to the next one.


Ana Masacote
CEO/Artistic Director
Masacote Entertainment

Anthony & Marissa
In 7 years of dancing Teddy is the first and only instructor we have ever sought out to travel to and train with. We heard so many wonderful things about Teddy and UnitedSalseros over the past years that we felt compelled to take lessons from him. It took almost 4 years for us to finally make it out to Toronto to train with him, but it was better than we ever imagined! We had only one week with Teddy, but it was an intense and gratifying training that far exceeded our expectations. The amount of priceless information we learned is incredible. We wish we had more time to learn from this mastermind and we plan to train with him again in the future. Learning from Teddy truly rekindled our passion for social dancing and opened our eyes to his superb teaching methodologies. Teddy's teachings revealed a much deeper understanding of the theories and body mechanics of the art of partner dancing. His simple, broken down, and extremely detailed instructions allowed us to bring these methodologies back to Atlanta and help transform some of our dances out here. Within a week some of our most challenged dancers noticed a night and day difference in their dancing. So much so that they were even getting compliments from other instructors on their amazing improvements. Not only our dancers, but even us as professionals were able to take away so much and improve our social dancing tremendously with just tiny little tweaks here and there. Our tactile and visual senses are much more in tune with our counterparts and our dances are now more seamless and smoother than ever. It's as if you're dancing like butter. We've even noticed that we conserve energy and don't get as tired when dancing "The Way of the Teddy."  WE LOVE YOU TEDDY!!!!

Anthony Umina & Marissa Johnson
Artistic Directors, Bachatamente Dance Company
1st Place & 2nd Place Winners of Several Bachata & Salsa Competitions