The Martha Hicks School of Ballet
2384 Yonge Street, 2nd Floor
(on Top of Canada Post Bldg)
Located 2 blocks north of Yonge & Eglinton
          (west side – Helendale Entrance) 

    Wednesday, June. 27th, 2012, 9:30p m - 11:30 pm
Intermediate -Advanced Student Team
Email: to reserve your spot.
Also bring the registration form found here.

Pictures by Solon Licas

UnitedSalseros  is  currently  auditioning  members  for  its intermediate-advanced student team – Group 3).  Current Group 3 members who are not part of Group 2 are automatically re-admitted to the team but are still required to show up for the audition.  Members may or may not be performing together in all Salsa venues or events. The aim is to have larger group than average in order to give the participants a more economical
way  to  train  (numbers  bring  the  costs  down),  as  well  as  to  give  choreographers  the flexibility to borrow people from each member of the group (the same choreography is learned)  if  necessary  since  there  are  always  a  20%  reduction  of  members  during  the duration of the training performance due to various reasons. This way there are always performs  available  should  someone  not  be  to  perform  for  any  reason.  This  allows  the choreographer  to  hold  members  accountable  for  their  behavior  and  commitment  to practice  with  a  no  performance  consequence  at  hand  because  he  or  she  will  need not  to  worry  about  finding  a  replacement  for  the  person  who  cannot  perform  or  was asked to leave the team due to poor work ethic and participation. Routines will either be choreographed for 3 or 5 couples, but may change depending on the size of the stage and almost never to the exact number of people due to logistical reasons (factoring in availability and skill).

Please  take  time  to  read  everything  on  the  audition  website.  Often,  we  end  up  having to  reiterate  the  rules  to  members  who  complain  about  certain  conditions  and  did  not take  time  to  read  the  information  clearly  outlined  on  this  site.  Please  do  not  become a  member  if  in  the  end  you  will  only  find  impossible  to  follow  the  conditions  and  then complain about something you signed up for.  We realize that it is a lot of material but it
will also answer most, if not all of your questions.  Learning with UnitedSalseros takes serious commitment and hard work, but the improvement in your dancing is tremendous if you are self-directed and have the right attitude towards practice and training.  We aim to train all our members to develop as performers and social dancers, then as artists.

Rehearsal and Training Dates Members:
Tuesdays (Rehearsals) from 9:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Wednesdays (On going training) from 9:30pm - 11:00pm

Wednesday  On2  Class  is  mandatory  for  new  members,  but  not  for  existing  members until  October  2013,  unless  this  time  commitment  is  allocated  for  extra  rehearsals.   As  a  side  benefit,  all  regular  group  classes  are  also  free  of  charge  to  any  Group  2 performance

Thank  you.  Please  email  to  register  for  the  audition  (no drop- ins) so we can prepare for everyone’s audition accordingly. Furthermore, Please take time to read everything on the audition website.  We realize that it is a lot of material but it will also answer most, if not all of your questions.  We look forward to at it’s all about energy, fun and quality.  However, we want you to have your cake and eat it learning with high-quality practice!