Schedule & Description



  • 9:00 pm - 9:50 pm  / Salsa Level 2 & 3 (On1)

  • 9:50 pm - 10:45 pm /  Salsa Level 4 (On2) & Cha-Cha-Cha (alternating)


  • 6:30 pm - 7:20 pm / Salsa Level 1 & Bachata Level 1 (alternating)

  • 7:30 pm - 8:20 pm / Salsa Level 2 & Bachata Level 2 (alternating)

  • 8:30 pm - 9:30 pm / Salsa Level 3 (On1) & Salsa Technique


  • 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm / Salsa Level 3 (On2) & Bachata Level 3 (45 minutes each)


All the classes that alternate happen every 2 weeks.  If there are 5 weeks in a month,, then it will be 3 Salsa and 2 Bachata.  A full class Salsa Technique for ALL LEVELS is only done on the last Saturday of each month; the rest are all Salsa Level 3 (On1) as stated in the schedule  Although Salsa Technique (which is also useful for Bachata) is always incorporated into all our classes incrementally, all students are encouraged to attend this class as it serves as an orientation and foundation for all the movement principles we use in the classes. Furthermore, in order to master them, students need to continually review and refine fundamental footwork, spinning, turning, partner-work, styling (body isolation, shines and arm work), timing and musicality technique—all of which require qualitative practice.



Salsa Level 1 (Intro-Beg. / On1) / The 10 Salsa Key Steps

On-Going / Start Anytime!

This level is designed for those with little or no Salsa experience (around 2 – 5 lessons). The students are introduced to most fundamental footwork and basic lead and follow technique.  Students will also be introduced to some of the key steps in Salsa dancing and are required to attain a functional level in timing, choreography and technique in order to advance to the next level.

Salsa Level 2 (Beginner / On1) / The 10 Salsa Key Steps

On-Going / Start Anytime!

This level uses more of the 10 major Salsa key steps and its variations, which are comprised of short movements in order for the student to retain and fine-tune the choreography. Variations of the 10 Salsa Key Steps may also be incorporated into the syllabus to give students some sense of variety yet familiarity. Furthermore, these 10 Salsa Key Steps (and generic variations) are rotated randomly on a weekly basis so students can start them at any time, and an even stronger emphasis is placed on functional technique and developing solid timing. Students are able to advance to the next level once they can demonstrate a functional level of the choreography, technique, styling and timing they have learned.

Salsa Level 3 (Intermediate / On2 & On1) / The 10 Salsa Key Steps – Modified

On-Going – Start Anytime!

This level uses the 10 Salsa Key Steps and their variations to create constantly changing choreography on a weekly basis while technique and timing in all areas of movements are stressed at a much higher level. Solo and partner-work styling (arm work and body isolation) and shines (fancy footwork) are also covered in this class to give students a multifaceted approach to dancing Salsa.

Dancing On2 is also introduced in this level as a separate class, using existing figures that the students already know to make transitioning easier.

Salsa Level 4 (Intermediate-Advanced / On2) - The 10 Salsa Key Steps - Advanced Interpretations

On-Going / Start Anytime!

This class literally has everything under one roof—turn patterns, body isolations, shines, etc. It was designed to be a multi-level class for students who have had some Salsa dancing experience On1 but would like to immediately start to learn dancing On2 (more advanced students are given a greater challenge accordingly). 

It is recommended that students commit to a minimum of 20 lessons to fully benefit from the class. No drops-in are allowed in this class on a regular basis, but you may try the class once if you are not fully familiar with UnitedSalseros’ training standards. 

Bachata Level 1 (Intro-Beginner)

On-Going / Start Anytime!

Bachata is Dominican!  It is not a style that was created from another Bachata style.  All other styles are derived from Dominican Bachata!  Many modern or fusion Bachata styles retain some or many elements of the classical style (technique, music, timing, etc.) but there are just many elements that are also unfortunately lost or misinterpreted.  While dance genres change in time (that is great thing), it is equally important that one must understand the structure, history, timing, etc. of the dance in order to innovate and be creative without losing the essence of the dance.  UnitedSalseros could have just simply taken Bachata workshops in congresses or watched them in YouTube clips and infused them with Salsa movements to make them look fancier, but as with our commitment to quality, we went the opposite way.  We wanted to teach both classical, as well as modern figures without losing anything!  

Bachata Level 2 (Beginner-Intermediate)

On-Going / Start Anytime!

This class introduces more complex footwork and leading arrangements which builds upon what was learned from Bachata Level 1.  Students are taught how to utilize and maximize the use of the movements they already possess after Bachata Level 1 in order to reinforce the choreography and technique involved in executing all the movements.  Basic turn patterns are also covered that anyone can lead and follow while at the same maintaining fundamental Bachata footwork without compromise!  Students can dance this style of Bachata with anyone, including your siblings, parents, or cousins.  We don’t think you would want to dance a “sensual dance” with your brother or sister!

Bachata Level 3 (Intermediate-Advanced)

On-Going / Start Anytime!

This class focuses on incorporating all the elements of classical Bachata (as outlined above) and fusing it with modern partner-work or “sensual” elements. Not only will you learn figures you can pretty much do for both Salsa and Bachata, but also specialised choreography that often make the dance as what most people refer to as “Sensual Bachata.” We do not teach Sensual Bachata exclusively as commonly seen in the clubs where followers (mostly) do super erotically charged/sexual movements regardless how the music is being interpreted the singer or composer at that moment. Rather, we teach Bachata fusion which includes classical, modern and improvised elements (including sensual elements done with respect, natural expression and genuine feel of the energy of the music). As far as sensuality is concerned, sensuality is how the choreography is executed, regardless of the style of Bachata. The sensual movements that we do teach (amongst many) are all done with style and subtlety--sometimes playful but never vulgar or too close for comfort for someone you just met on the dance floor! Bachata can also have complex turn pattern arrangements, as much as footwork, so why settle for one when you can have both!



What are the 10 Salsa Key Salsa Steps?

The 10 Key Salsa Steps--comprising of fancy handwork, footwork and body isolation--are the steps that are consistently taught and refined using most of UnitedSalseros’ technique in order to fully transcend to a higher level of dancing.   With qualitative practice, students will be able to remember, retain and randomly alternate the 10 Key Steps once they have learned them because the students’ focus will be directed towards executing proper technique and timing–rather than trying to always constantly focus on learning a never ending set of moves that always keeps coming one class after the other. The class is particularly helpful for beginner dancers who are having a hard time internalising the fundamental technique required for “real life” dancing in the clubs, as well as those who are more advanced but have specific problems in their dance which they need more attention and practice time to refine them progressively. 

Every available instructor in the class will be well-versed in executing the 10 Salsa Key Steps and will be able to guide you (or remind you) of the elements you need to remember whenever going through your steps.  In every class, one and/or a few key steps are covered along with its applicable styling technique, and then the entire class is drilled and constantly reminded of what they need to remember, execution wise. Although it may seem “boring” executing the same movements again and again, students will soon have their hands full when they realise that executing all the fundamentals required–even on a simple move-– is exceptionally challenging.   Once students are able to randomly alternate the 10 Salsa Key Steps to UnitedSalseros’ standards, their learning will take a significant leap, and picking up more advanced choreography in the future will be less difficult. They can even take a greater challenge by executing movements with greater artistic depth once the fundamentals are all there because with greater control of the movements also come with more choices on how one wishes to express him/herself on the dance floor. To say the very least and even with a limited repertoire of choreography, students will be able to dance in the clubs effectively, look good, feel good, and be on consistent timing. Followers who master even the basic 10 Salsa Key Steps even without complex styling are often surprised that they can follow 90% of what is randomly thrown at them on the dance floor provided they have developed exceptional partner-work skills.

Based on our standards, anyone who can successfully execute the 10 Key Steps could be considered advanced (with some musicality) as opposed to someone who knows hundreds of moves but have no proper technique, musicality or floor craft (and all over the place).  Furthermore, as far as dancing On1 and On2 are concerned, they are merely different ways of expressing the SAME salsa movements on a different timing, pacing, and breaking (although dancing On2 is commonly referred to as New York or Eddie Torres style).  Most of our classes are taught On1, with the highest level being taught On2.  The On2 class is the highest Salsa class level we have (that does not mean the rest are not challenging); Level 4 On2 is only more challenging because the level is higher--not because it is On2.  As always it is mainly the dancer--not the dance itself--that brings progression and innovation to the movements.

Last but not the least, we have similar structure to learning Bachata and Salsa styling figures (comprising of footwork, arms/hands, body isolation) which is again designed to maximize and expedite your learning process so you can can burn the dance floor as soon as possible!


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Packages and Registration


5 Classes = $115

10 Classes = $200

20 Classes = $350

Drop-In Class = $25 for 1st Trial Class / $30 After For Continued Drop-In Classes

Register After Your First Class And Save $25!

Since UnitedSalseros classes are very comprehensive even for the first class, we normally do not have a free trial class, and the Drop-In rate of $25 applies. However, should you decide to immediately register after your first class at our studio location, the Drop-In fee for attending your first trial class is waived. Your class package then starts on the second class that you attend.                       

On-Going Class Format

Our classes are always generally on-going, and students can start at any point in time.  You do not have worry about being lost or having to keep up with the rest of the class.  Everyone takes what they can absorb in each class and progresses at their own comfortable learning pace (though we push you, nicely!) In our experience, even classes that start exactly at the same time almost always never end up the same level for everyone anyway even after the first week passes since people have different time commitments to practice and social dance, as well varying learning aptitudes.  We often have at least two instructors and some student apprentice volunteers to normally accommodate incoming students, and our classes are never mass produced to the point that you can’t move!  Should we encounter a sudden stream of mass students in the future, we will most likely put a cap on the no. of students attending for the reason alone that we won’t fit in the studio, and/or bring more instructors in to accommodate the demand.  Our main instructors also know how to properly divide a multi-level class and give students varying challenges accordingly.

Your 1st Drop-In Trial Class

Please contact us before dropping in for a trial class, or if you have recommended someone to us. We want to make sure there is adequate staff to address potential new clients coming in and not comprise the quality of instruction for the current students due to staffing shortage.

Cancellation Policy

Once you have registered for classes, there are no refunds as the classes are considered sold.  However, you may delay your start date provided you give us at least a week’s notice after you have registered, or you may transfer your classes to another person provided you give us prior notice before you discontinue your classes.

Please see our FAQ for other burning questions you may have and then be on your way in becoming a Latin dance superstar!



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