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2013-07-12 - Intermediate-Advance Dominican Bachata Routine

Intermediate-Advanced Dominican Bachata Performance Routine
  • Performance & Training Cost:
  • $800, which includes:
  • All UnitedSalseros group classes (MondayWednesday & Saturdays, including a mandatory Dominican Bachata class at least twice a month)
  • Your costume (except shoes)
  • Your training cost itself
  • You can also participate in the hip hop classes we offer on Thu night for $25 per month (another instructor).
  • Routine Theme:
  • The routine will be more on the serious side!
  • Expect sexy, sensual, passionate type of movements - not animal sexual rip off my clothes of type of Bachata or uncontrollable grinding.
  • The costume will also be sexy and will leave some for the imagination.
  • Rehearsals & Duration
  • Fridays / 8:45 pm - 9:45 pm / August 9  - October 11, 2013
  • Saturdays / 9 - 10:15 pm / October 18 - December 20, 2013
  • No of Dancers Required:
  • 4 couples (1 couple understudy)
  • The choreography will be for 3 couples (rotational performance depending on performance readiness and no commitment/attendance/work ethic issues); the reason being that we need to ensure that there are always enough members to perform; as choreographing to the exact no. of people is always a problem if people are unable to perform; however, whenever possible, especially locally, I would arrange the choreography to be for 5 couples.
  • Other Expenses to Factor & Other Considerations
    • Shared traveling and hotel expenses and mandatory congress pass for full participation (you will be advised months ahead of time for this).
  • Goal
    • To show the sensual and authentic side of Bachata as danced in the Dominican Republic as close as possible (not the "Salsalized" version).
    • To make you also good Bachata dancers in the process, with proper weight transfer, hip action, leading, syncopation, etc.

Please contact if you are interested or for more information.