US was formed on the premise of working with fellow salsa hobbyists (or addicts) and sharing our skills together to encourage growth in all areas. We wanted to create an atmosphere where instructors of different dance schools can interact and work with one another in a creative environment. We actively search out and cooperate with instructors/teachers from other schools by doing workshops in an effort to raise the awareness of technique and the progression that was happening in Salsa around the world. 

Our hard-work and effort has yielded both good dancers, excellent instructors and performers that have gone to become well-respected in their own right. In fact, many students now from the U.S. and abroad come to Canada to learn good technique and to keep them updated to the continual evolution of Salsa dancing. 

Since then, US has enjoyed a steady and growing reputation as one of the best instructional dance companies in Canada and abroad. Within a span of only three years (and rising), we have contributed to the teaching/dancing development of more than 75 plus individuals through our Instructor Apprentice Training Program. Our trainees range from novice to advanced dance backgrounds, including those who already have some teaching/performing experience, who choose to train with US.