Salsa/Bachata Social Butterfly - December 15th edition

Ticket Costs
$25 - Basic Admission (Events Starting at 8:15)
$30 - Basic Admission With Food (Events Starting at 7:15)
$40 - Basic Admission With Food & Workshops (Events Starting at 5pm)
$15 - After 11 pm (no hosting - social only)

5 Workshops to choose from:
5 to 6 pm - Bachata Not Butt-Toucha!  (Advanced Beginner-Intermediate Bachata Workshop with "Surprise Instructor" from San Francisco!)

Learn both a combination of both classic and modern Bachata figures in a manner that preserves the essence of Bachata regardless of the style that you dance!  The instructor will break all the steps down clearly in a manner that will surely be the first in Toronto. The instructor has been the main person who pioneered the advancement of Dominican Bachata in the UnitedStates, has more than 40,000 followers on Facebook, and can kick your butt if you don't behave in class as he holds a black belt in Karate!  So come on time!  Kidding aside, expect a fun-filled humorous and well-taught class that you are used to which is in line with UnitedSalseros' teaching standards!

5 to 6 pm - Salsa Bleau! (Intermediate-Advanced Men's Styling Workshop with Kenny from Paris!)

Originally from Paris and now living in Montréal, Kenny-Davis has been dancing since the age of 11. He is an accomplished dancer, performer and instructor in a wide range of dance styles, including Kizomba, Salsa, Afro-Cuban, Hip Hop and more.  If you are yearning to put some spice and fire into your dancing, look no more!  Kenny trained at the Academie International de la Danse in Paris and the Broadway Dance Center in New York, he is currently studying ballet at L’École Supérieure de Ballet du Québec in Montréal.  He is also the founder and director of Okokan Entertainment and is currently focusing on teaching Kizomba and Afro-Cuban dance in Montréal, Quebec City, Toronto and Ottawa.  Afro-Cuban based Salsa styling is the most appropriate for Mambo dancing as these dances greatly contributed to the evolution of Salsa dancing as well as the music.  Do you ever wonder why you always hear the word "Rumba" being mentioned and seemingly thrown randomly in Salsa songs?  Find out why!  Take your dancing to whole new level!

5 to 6 pm - Spinning Out of Control?  Then Exit With Style!  (Intermediate-Advanced Ladies' Styling Workshop with Jody Gribble from Vancouver!)

Yes, ladies, Jodi is from the west coast and now she is combining the best of what she's experienced in both cities!  Jody now trains, performs, and teaches under UnitedSalseros and will be teaching you various styling methods as you come out of a single or double turn, in both directions!  In case you lose your balance during the spin, the best thing is to exit with style!  As with all UnitedSalseros workshops, expect only the best when it comes to instructional quality, corrections and execution!  Jodi defines advanced as how you can control the speed, size, direction, pressure, line and energy of all your movements and how you relate it to the music.  Take this seemingly simple yet challenging class if executed properly!
6 to 7 pm - Salsa Survivor Crash Course (Intro - Advanced Beginner Salsa Partner-Work Class with Teddy O.)

If you want to fully survive this night of total fun, learn all the key fundamental choreography that most dancers use and repeat again and again only with different variations!  In fact, if you know most of the 10 key steps in Salsa, you can have 100 moves immediately (executing them on time and with technique is another story), but you are certainly in a better position to jam at this party if you are fairly new in Salsa and take this class!  Director and co-founder of UnitedSalseros, Teddy Olaso (that's me) will show you he could literally save you thousands of dollars in practical skills that actually work on the dance floor with any dancer with qualitative practice.  If you want my bio, go to the our website @, but my bio will not make you dance--you need to get your butt on the dance floor and take this class!

6 to 7 pm - Have your MBA--Masters in Bachata Artistry (Master's Bachata Class with "Surprise Guest" San Francisco)

                            Our surprise instructor from the USA is back to teach a Master's level Bachata class.  Make sure you have solid fundamentals and experience in Bachata dancing before attending this class as it is meant for instructors, performance team members and very advanced social                                    dancers!  You must have good weight transfer, balance, leading and following technique and timing in order to fully benefit from the class.  The instructor, who is also responsible for running majority of the major international Bachata congresses worldwide (including the one in                                the Dominican Republic which should tell you something), plus he is also a certified Latin Ballroom dancer and instructor (yet he possess absolutely the full street qualities of Bachata) will be teaching a very challenging class without mercy that it will hurt so good! 

Dovercourt House
805 Dovercourt Road
Toronto, ON

M6H 2X4

Dovercourt House


          7:15 pm to 8:15 pm - Dinner served
          8:15 pm to 11:15 pm - Hosting Starts 
          11:00 pm  - After Hours Social


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