Salsa Classes with UnitedSalseros - 8 Week Session! 

The UnitedSalseros teaching method has been proven to build high level Salsa dancers in a fun environment. Whether your goal is to improve as Social Dancer, Performer or Instructor, UnitedSalseros has been established as a leader in developing strong fundamentals. We boast an excellent track record in training some of the highest level dancers. Our teaching style is unique with a strong focus on developing somatic movement through a fun and easy-to­-understand system. 



No partner or previous experience necessary. In LEVEL 1 we focus on many of the core fundamentals for advanced social dancing. We do this through a carefully selected series of moves (the 10­ key steps) bundled with concepts of centering, elasticity and weight transfer for natural movement. Our LEVEL 1 class remains a multi­-level class for dancers who may find themselves in between levels ­ or would simply like to refine their fundamentals. Remember, Beginners want to learn advanced moves. Advance dancers go back to the fundamentals. NOTE: The concepts taught in our LEVEL 1 class are advanced. For this reason, we purposely do not label these classes beginner, intermediate or advanced level classes. It is common to see students who have taken intermediate/advanced level classes elsewhere struggle with concepts taught in LEVEL 1 – and this is a great thing. Improvement is all about continuously challenging ourselves. We pride ourselves on developing strong social dancers by challenging students at every level. 


LEVEL 2 ­ ​

No partner necessary. Our level 2 salsa class builds on the skills that were developed in LEVEL 1 with a emphasis on Spinning (leading and following multiple spins), Styling/Body Isolations, floor craft and further development of advanced leading and following fundamentals for advanced social dancing and through more advanced turn patterns. A higher level of coordination is expected. NOTE: Level 2 Dancers that wish to take Level 1 can do so if they would like to continue to refine their fundamentals. The programs are designed to work together. HOWEVER, WE STRONGLY ADVISE NEW LEVEL 1 STUDENTS TAKING LEVEL 2 YOU ARE VERY COMFORTABLE SOCIAL DANCING ON TIME. 


LEVEL 1 (Multi-­level) Students not yet comfortable with timing, basic steps and footwork. LEVEL 2 You should be comfortable with your basic steps, timing, footwork through basic turn patterns and some styling. Returning Students We don’t expect you to have mastered all the concepts taught in LEVEL 1 before progressing to LEVEL 2. However, if you have not practiced the concepts, do not practice social dancing or are still uncomfortable with timing and footwork issues, then we can continue to challenge you through the LEVEL 1 Multi-­level Class (that is, after all, why we made it Multi-­Level). With 2 senior instructors, and awesome assistant instructors, we do provide a lot of individual attention. NOTE: LEVEL 2 Students are welcome to also sign up for LEVEL 1 at the discounted rate. 


Classes are on Sundays beginning September 13th ​and end November 8th. 

LEVEL 1: 2:00 ­ 3:30 pm 
LEVEL 2: 3:30 ­ 5:00 pm 

*Please note that there will be no NO CLASS on October 11th due to the long weekend. 



Early Bird Deadline ends September 1st.

12 hours w/ 2 Senior Instructors & Assistant Instructors

1 Person $135 ​($160 after September 1st) 
2 People $225 ​($275 after September 1st) 

*Referral Discounts are available! Contact Jody directly for information. 



Blueheel Dance Studio (Mississauga) 
3413 Wolfedale Road, Unit 8 
Mississauga, ON L5C 1V8 

(Less than 5 mins away from Square One) 



Email Jody Gribble at jody.g@unitedsalseros.com



We have been collectively performing and teaching with UnitedSalseros for over 10 years.   In that time, you notice a few things.  One is that quality instruction is absolutely critical to progress.  Instead of writing our own bio's, we shamelessly asked our students to tell us what they think about us: 
As someone who started taking lessons with Jody and Kevin when I was a complete beginner, I have experienced first hand how they tailor their teaching for every level. Their ability to assess and critique areas for improvement is incredible and I walk away from every class with individualized and useful tips that I can practice at home or social dancing.  Their knowledge on timing, musicality and technique is vast; I know I can ask any question and they will be able to break it down in a way I can understand and apply to my dancing. I get excited to go to class knowing that Jody and Kevin are teaching because they are welcoming, friendly, patient and you can tell they love what they do. I can honestly say my dancing has improved significantly because I've had amazing teachers like Jody and Kevin. Whether you are a beginner or have danced for years and are looking to take your dancing to the next level, I cannot think of two better teachers than these two.

- Laura Tan

I first enrolled with United Salseros West because of the convenient location and United has a great reputation in the salsa community. I've been dancing for several years and have been fortunate enough to learn from other schools as well. But learning with USW has exceeded my expectations. Jody and Kevin are wonderful instructors who are genuinely passionate about the art and their students. They have created a fun atmosphere that fosters enthusiasm and friendship. I really enjoy the rapport they have with one another - Jody and Kevin's teaching style is complementary and I appreciate that the ladies and the men can get a unique perspective from each of them. The fundamentals that they teach are constantly practiced so I can develop better habits. 

 I'm looking forward to continuing to learn from Jody and Kevin. Highly recommend!

- Kae Karen 

I've been dancing since 2008, and every school has their own strengths. The difference I see with Jody and Kevin is they are truly passionate about teaching the crucial elements of dance. As well trained instructors they pay very close attention  to every student's development and ensure you improve on every aspect of technique. They both have great dynamics in a fun and encouraging way. They always motivate you to dance with them and ensure you practice what you learned in class and do the very same at events. I look forward to continuing this amazing new dance journey as joining United Salseros West has renewed my inspiration.

  - Jane C

I’ve had the opportunity to learn and gain constructive feedback from Jody and Kevin.  What I enjoyed most about their instruction and what I believe differentiates them from others is their ability to simplify concepts and steps, clearly demonstrate the technique and partner with me to show me how the movement should ‘feel’.  It is also apparent during partner work that they’re highly experienced and well trained dancers who have a deep understanding of body mechanics. 

In class, during a few seconds of partner work, Kevin could ‘feel’ where there were gaps in my dancing, pinpoint the issue and patiently work with me to resolve and smooth it out.  Jody was always quick to notice and correct posture and technique while also explaining what the consequences were if I continued with my not so correct technique so I am aware of the cascade affect.   It’s their attention to the little details and concise explanation that I value in their training.  Whether you’re looking just to social dance or perform, I truly believe training with Jody and Kevin, who excel at both, is a great investment in your salsa career.

- Judith Tran

UnitedSalseros is one of the highest quality schools in all of Canada. The amount of time that is focused on the fundamentals far exceeds what is normally taught. UnitedSalseros instructors have a history of producing more high calibre dancers than any other school that I know of in Canada. All UnitedSalseros instructors are highly proficient on their own as it is, and Mississauga is truly fortunate to have to have two Senior Level Instructors, Kevin and Jody, teach in their area! 

- Tarek Gharib

Great classes, you will have so much fun with them but more importantly you will actually learn something you don't forget next week.

- Andrew Kim 

Every now and then, a fellow dancer would ask me why I dance differently.  I would ask them to show me the pattern and I am confused to they're perspective on  "Forward Basics"

I casually told them that my Dance Instructors (Kevin) told me the importance of moving naturally.  I use it so often that others are amazed on how different I dance.  I am just doing my Basic Step.

- Erwin Sansait 

Jody is absolutely amazing.  She has a great eye for detail in making corrections, and inspires me to work hard to become a better dancer!  She will always come to class prepared, and her ability to explain movements with structure and multiple analogies will allow anyone to effortlessly dance with grace.

- May Lee


Email Jody Gribble at jody.g@unitedsalseros.com