2014-12-12 - UnitedSalseros Waterloo

Get Your B.A & Sc. Bachata Arts & Salsacience

Dance Groove by Spring!

Wednesdays / January 28, 2015 -- April 15, 2015   (12 weeks)

1 class                                    $125    (*$140)

2 classes                    $175    (*$195)

3 classes                    $225    (*$250)

*Price after December 19, 2014 – Get your Early Bird and Save!

@ The Button Factory - 25 Regina Street South, Waterloo 


O is coming to town!  Well, maybe not the City of Toronto literally, but Teddy Olaso from UnitedSalseros certainly is!  Now is the perfect opportunity for everyone in the Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph and surrounding areas to have direct instruction from Teddy Olaso, Artistic Director of UnitedSalseros; one of Canada’s most – if not THE most – learner centered Salsa & Bachata dance instructional companies.  The instruction is second to none!  All UnitedSalseros’ instructors – regardless of their gender - are highly proficient at teaching choreography, technique, timing and musicality for both leader and follower.  The company is one of Canada’s most requested performance and instructional companies, literally having taught at almost every major congress Salsa congress in Canada!  Thus, do not miss the opportunity to learn with U.S. starting in January 2015!  Teddy has taught well over 300 amateur/professional performers, student volunteers, instructors and dancers from various dance disciplines and continues to do so to this day!  You will all be learning exactly how all of these dancers are taught -- with crystal clear breakdown of movements for leader and follower, somatic technical corrections, and “simple” choreography with advanced applications. (“Simple” and any movement that looks “easy” have a very different meaning with UnitedSalseros when it comes to execution standards).  The class may be serious in nature, but it will also be relaxed in terms of expectations, and even if you don’t pick up everything, you will certainly have a blast laughing in class.  Though the course is intensive and requires dedicated qualitative practice for all participants in order to advance, it is nonetheless delivered by Teddy’s often crazy, fun-filled, and at times, often politically incorrect (that only he can get away with) instructional style!  Choose any one, two or all three (if suitable) courses offered:


*Total BS (Bachata-Salsa) 101 – The 6 Key Salsa Steps – On1 / Intro-Beginner (Especially Good For The All-Knowing) / 6:00 pm – 6:50 pm

The “6 (out of 10) Salsa Key Steps” (as defined by the system I have developed) are not just your “average” movements.  Each step has been carefully selected as it serves as a foundational movement for literally dozens of variations. By learning just 10 movements, each of which can be combined one after another in random order, one can immediately have 100 movements and get dancing in no time!  The first 30 minutes of class are spent on foundational drills, followed by the “cooler” stuff.  Even if you are already a seasoned dancer, DO NOT underestimate this system of learning as it is what the company uses to train already ESTABLISHED dancers all over the world who have limited time (sounds a lot like university life!).  By learning less pre-set choreography, and focusing on thorough knowledge of the key steps that MAKE UP any choreography, participants can focus on learning what makes the movement look beautiful and practical to use on the dance floor.  (After all, what good is a flashy move if you can’t use it after class, eh?).  Regardless of whether you dance for artistic reasons, for health, or just to “have fun” (a.k.a. meeting new people, ahem), you still need to do it right!  Total BS 101 is the backbone of Total BS 102. This class may teach the basics, but at a sophisticated enough level that it will serve as a foundation to improve your intermediate-advanced learning. This is the meat and potatoes! Trust me - don’t miss this class!


*Total BS (Bachata-Salsa) 102 - UFC Salsa Class – On1 / Intermediate (Take At Your Own Risk If You Skip Class B) / 6:50 pm – 7:40 pm

The Ultimate Foundations Choreography (UFC) Salsa Class is designed to build upon Total BS 101, which ought to be a pre-requisite (short of mandating it as such). In this class, I will give you “candy” to learn, meaning those “flashy” moves that get everyone excited to learn (but for the most part many are unable to execute successfully on the dance floor).  In this class, fancier variations of the 10 Key Steps are choreographed. Then, layer by layer, participants are given instruction in executing proper footwork, styling, leading, following, spinning, etc. for that figure so that with qualitative practice they can actually be USED on the dance floor.  This class is NOT recommended for anyone who does not know, or even those who know but cannot successfully lead or follow, the 10 Key Steps (Cross Body Lead, Cross Body Lead with Turn, Coca-Cola, Right Turn, Traveling Right Turn, Catwalk, Reverse Turn, In & Out (or Copa), Lasso with Check, and Natural Top).  Participants will get the full benefit of this class if they are advanced enough, or if they take it in conjunction with Total BS 101 (which as it is, provides more than enough of a challenge for most - including and especially those who think they “know”).  For those who want to show off (for whatever reason) this is the class for it!  However, just make sure there is something to actually show!  Modesty goes a long way because once you think you know you stop learning.


*Total BS (Bachata-Salsa) 103 – On1 & On2 / Intermediate-Advanced (Ready For A Serious Challenge?) / 7:40 pm to 8:30 pm

This is where you get your B.A. & Sc. Dancer’s Groove!  The class is by invitation for the most part, but open to all who qualify (such as those who may have taken extensive lessons with UnitedSalseros in the past). **Anyone that registers for this class MUST also be registered in Total BS 101, or 102 (ideally both) – it cannot be taken alone.  Participants in this class may also be assisting while they are learning in Total BS 101 and/or 102.  Furthermore, On1 and On2 timing will be alternated in every other class while learning the same choreography in order for students to get familiar first with the choreography On1, thus making it easier to pick it up On2 when the previous choreography has already been covered On1.  Moreover, in order for the salsa scene in the region to grow, it is important that all class helpers/assistants are also given their own set of challenges in learning.  Nothing will ever replace local home grown instruction long-term so local instructors of all levels need to be a model of continued learning and humility in order for the community to flourish. This is the perfect opportunity for performers, dancers, student volunteers (if suitable) or simply advanced social dancers to learn many of UnitedSalseros’ training methodologies in a non-political and non-competitive environment – everyone here is on equal footing.  We all learn from one another—including the Teddy and all the instructors!  Furthermore, do not let others scare you into thinking that Dancing On2 is superior to Dancing On1 – other than timing and pacing, everything else is the same in terms of challenge.  Both On1 and On2 can be danced at any level, and it is the level that determines the difficulty!   Please contact Teddy @ Teddy@unitedsalseros.com if you unsure if the class is suitable for you.



BachataTM (Traditional/Modern) is a class that combines Bachata (as classically danced in the Dominican Republic) with modern elements (mainly Salsa turn patterns) fused into it.  Learning proper Dominican Bachata steps and technique will greatly improve and advance ANY other Bachata variation (it is important to note that Dominican Bachata is not a style—Bachata IS Dominican) so aficionados can enjoy the fancy footwork and hip work that the classical steps have to offer along with the innovative influences of “urban, modern or “my-own-style” type of Bachata.  A word of warning — traditional Bachata may not be as flashy—but definitely challenging and absolutely beautiful to watch done right (and you won’t look like a clueless tourist if you vacation in the Dominican Republic!)   No one takes it “easy” in this class—even the “superstars”!  Leave your ego behind and you will learn many things which you thought you knew in this multi-level class!  The Bachata section of the classes will comprise of about 25% of Total BS 101-103, and students will discover that once you have the Salsa fundamentals that they can simply convert them to Bachata figures easily (majority of modern Bachata turn patterns come from Salsa) while still executing classical Dominican steps/footwork!  Why settle for one when you can have both!




Total BS 101-103 come with a 2.5 hour long (from 6 pm to 8:30 pm) COMPLIMENTARY orientation technique/basic choreography workshop for each module.  The orientations are not a pre-requisite, as the majority of the technique covered will be incrementally taught throughout the program.  However, we STRONGLY recommend and encourage attendance as it will allow you to understand UnitedSalseros’ complex training modules, their organic relationship to one another, and give you more time to internalize what you are learning before you even start your classes!  It also allows Teddy to determine whether the level is suitable for you (you may be more advanced or may need to take a level lower as teaching standards vary from school to school).  The Orientations are STRICTLY for registered students only and are scheduled as follows:

Total BS 103 – January 7 / Total BS 102 – January 14 / Total BS 101 – January 21

ADVANCED REGISTRATION REQUIRED - Please contact Tarek @ tgharib@hotmail.com - no drop ins!

Why Study With “US”?


Well, for starters, “US” already stands for UnitedSalseros—that should be considered too much of a coincidence!  Seriously though, many factors clearly distinguish UnitedSalseros’ instructional methodologies.  For instance, setting aside personal discipline and determination, have you ever wondered why out of hundreds of people only a few excel?  Do you assume that those who transcend to an exceptional level are either naturally gifted or have had previous training either through other dance forms or physical activities? The good news is, though it requires qualitative practice, you need not be a professional dancer or be born with good genes in order to become proficient at social dancing.  You can learn many of the habits of exceptional dancers which distinguish the novice from the average, the average from the good, and the good from the exceptional. 


Many students, in an effort to try to get better as quickly as they can or just out of mere desperation, will either take more and more Salsa classes (private or group), take other forms of dance training, or try to take the “cheaper” way by watching YouTube clips.  Unfortunately, these methods generally do not produce sufficiently favourable results.   Although taking more Salsa classes and/or watching videos online may increase your proficiency in Salsa to some degree, along with your choreographical repertoire -- it does not necessarily mean it will address the source of all your challenges in dancing.  When technique is not addressed in a manner which allows the students to learn, internalize and apply it, most students will mainly acquire an increase of movement repertoire that they will execute with the same set of problems, (e.g. lack of coordination, poise, centeredness, gracefulness, etc).  If choreography were like words, for example – learning more words would not necessarily mean that you would speak more articulately, meaningfully, or eloquently though you might have more words to choose from when talking.  Some students may also choose to take various lessons in other dance forms in order to help their Salsa. Can this be beneficial?  Absolutely!  Any training – provided the instruction is good and the instructors teach with integrity – is a good thing!  However, it can also be equally detrimental if it is not streamlined or specialized for what you need.  Furthermore, not everyone is really intending to become a professional dancer at other dance disciplines, and many students barely have the time for self-directed practice in Salsa as it is.   For the most part, many really just want to improve their Salsa skills, and this is best done with effective salsa teaching and focused salsa practice. 


The UnitedSalseros Solution


Nearly 20 years of teaching has taught me that the constant desire of many students to acquire more and more choreography or to always look for something new – rather than focusing on continually improving past material given – is the biggest enemy of true change.  Learning slowly and less but with mindfulness can accomplish FAR MORE than just acquiring more and more choreography. Would you rather learn 10 moves, and execute them as flawlessly as possible (with the potential to combine them into 100 moves!), or learn 50 moves but your movements will definitely clear the dance floor in an effort to avoid you?  What if you can’t use any of your moves because you have no technique to back it up or your timing is so off!  You do not have to be an instructor to know the right answer for this.  It’s common sense!  UnitedSalseros’ instructional methods stand solidly on its own.  We are not one of those companies that can simply land a teaching gig just because we are performing (which normally goes hand in hand in many events regardless of the quality of the teaching).  The instructional aspect alone has its own merits as all UnitedSalseros instruction is well-known to have a thorough breakdown of movement for both choreography and technique.  You will not get abstract concepts such as “be smooth, be powerful, etc” or “don’t do this or that, etc.”  Everything will be explained so that students can understand the concepts, internalize them, and gradually acquire and maintain them (a somatic – even therapeutic – way to learn for many).  Therefore, it works with all levels of students and hence why UnitedSalseros is also well-known as the “instructor for instructors” for the members of various dance companies—including its friendly competitors!  Furthermore, the majority of our instructors (male and female) are able not just to instruct both leaders and followers, but also to DANCE both roles as a social dancer (a very important distinction as compared with someone who can just “show or explain” the opposite role without directly experiencing it.  Outlined below are some of the technical elements, along with timing and musicality, which students will be learning along with the choreography taught throughout the classes:



Foundational Footwork





  • Natural hip action with even weight transfer
  • Balanced counter movements between feet, arms and body during a basic step
  • Excellent footwork definition and execution
  • Advanced stepping with movement overlap involving shoulder, elbow and wrist
  • Lazy stepping and stilting step as a skilled movement – not by default


  • Top-like turns on the spot (both directions)
  • Control of speed and momentum with ease
  • Practical spotting during turning
  • Traveling turns
  • Gradual development of double and/or triple turns
  • Proper postural adjustments
  • Natural grounding


Partner Work





  • Gentle, clear leading and responsive, supple following with highly advanced arm-work styling
  • Elastic resistance whenever required
  • Adaptable, sensitive, and tension proof following & leading skills whenever necessary
  • Advanced compensation/survival strategies when dancing with individuals who have leading/following problems


  • Key Salsa shines that serve as foundational figures for majority of fancy footwork
  • 7 major body isolations and basic application; Basic Afro-Cuban (Rumba)
  • 10 Key Interchangeable Salsa Steps (KISS) that serve as foundational figures for majority of Salsa patterns
  • Intermediate-Advanced turn patterns with 3D Styling (Hands, Feet and Body Isolations)

Students will also learn the principles that make the above-mentioned elements (or any choreography learned in the future) beautiful to watch, covering the theories of relaxation, center work, sequential movement, pressure control, advanced coordination and movement overlap.  This addresses the proven theoretical framework as to what makes someone transcend from a dancer to an artist technically and gives the dancer the skills to express himself or herself to the music according to his/her preferences.  In addition, the beauty behind these classes is that everything is under one roof without the need for specialized classes which saves time and money in the short-term and long-term with qualitative practice.  Furthermore, the technique learned in these classes will prove invaluable to those who teach or are part of a performance team.  Last, but certainly not least, the style that UnitedSalseros teaches is not carved in stone — in fact, it will give you far more options than most (whether you choose to be subtle, powerful, neutral, or all three combined).  Aside from the timing aspect, there is also very little difference in how we dance On1 or On2 (side note: don’t let people fool you into thinking that On2 is superior to On1 just because many good dancers like to dance On2 – it’s simply a preference.  Everything you learn in these classes can be done On2 later on (or vice versa) with very minor adjustments in musical pacing).

In closing, no amount of fancy advertising (fancy photos with glorious tricks and poses, attractive models, eye-popping on-line video clips, etc) will ever prove someone’s instructional proficiency or effectiveness – other than their effectiveness in tempting you to sign up for lessons! The true determining factor of an effective school is the experience you have once you’ve taken some lessons and start seeing measurable results.  Experience the UnitedSalseros difference!




ur company emphasizes technique and foundations in our classes, for that is what will help you improve quicker in the long run.  It was noticeable in our guest workshops with UnitedSalseros' group how much attention was placed on technique.  Teddy and his instructors have an uncanny ability to explain the most minute details that teachers often leave behind, and it shows in his team of dancers. UnitedSalseros instructors has done an amazing job training them.  My dancers are always raving after their dances with the people from his team and are always looking forward to the next one.

-- Ana Masacote, CEO/Artistic Director of Masacote Entertainment (Boston)



nitedSalseros have the best and most comprehensive approach for dancing salsa in the world.  I have travelled to over 30 countries worldwide, and the best instruction for technique and style is in Toronto at UnitedSalseros.  When Zoe wanted to learn salsa 4 years ago, I brought her to Teddy because he is the teacher I thought had the best communication skills & knowledge for spinning, leading and following, imagery, and style.  UnitedSalseros have a unique system for in-depth dance knowledge, and it should be a center for international level salsa instruction.

--Dave Paris & Zoe Klein, Paradizo Entertainment, Semi-Finalists America's Got Talent (New York / San Francisco)



or several years now, I have had the experience to work and dance with, as well as observe, dancers coming out of the UnitedSalseros training methodology.  UnitedSalseros dancers aim to develop a well-rounded and balanced approach to dancing similar to the attitude displayed by excellent dancers of various dance disciplines I have observed in my extensive career as a professional dancer and teacher for more than 30 years.  With well thought-through and multi-faceted dancing technique, their talent is brought out and blossom in exciting ways, which makes them interesting to watch as they develop into dedicated performers, instructors and social dancers.

--Ana Machado, Afro-Cuban Dance & Salsa Instructor (Toronto-Cuba)



n my 5 years of professional experience in the Latin dance community I have traveled to over 25 countries taking classes and training with some of the biggest names in the industry. I have to say beyond a shadow of a doubt that Teddy is the most methodical, precise, detailed, & principled instructor that I've ever come across. His depth of knowledge and understanding of the human frame and how it pertains to partner dancing far exceeds anyone I've ever seen and is proven through the capabilities of his dancers (some of the best dancing connections I've ever experienced worldwide). Teddy's theories and methodologies just make perfect sense when explained. It is understanding the "why" behind every movement that really sets up a critical foundation that most dancers around the world are missing.

--Anthony Umina, Amante Dance Co. Owner/Director/Choreographer (San Diego)



eddy Olaso is one the best dance teachers I have seen. His analogies, demonstration and instructions are very easy to understand. He is the master of finer points of dancing and people should take advantage of this rare type of instruction that produces qualitative results.  He also does his research when it comes to dances.  Although he could have simply taken simple Bachata structure and added fancy Salsa turn patterns which would have been enough for him to teach Bachata commercially, he was humble enough to start from scratch (along with professional team) in learning authentic Bachata as danced in the Dominican Republic when he sought me out for instruction—a sign of being not just a good dancer but also an artist.


--Rodney Rodchata Aquino, Rodchata Enterprise, LLC (San Francisco)



e have a huge respect for Teddy Olaso for his brilliant and unique teaching techniques. Anyone can learn moves & patterns with other instructors, but learning with Teddy will enable you to understand the semantics of movements which trains you to execute them perfectly. His technique has provided us the foundation to express art & discover our own flavour of dancing.  His artistic/choreographic abilities have always won hearts & have a beautiful soul with a connection to culture & folklore. We have been associated with Teddy for almost around 10 years & have been channelizing his thoughts & teaching philosophy to different parts of the world.   More than a teacher he is a mentor, guide & a great friend.


---Berenice Angelica Carrazco and Sumeet Chawla, Exponential Art Dance Company ((Mexico - India)



eddy provides outstanding instruction. His teaching methodologies shine through each of his students as proof of his concepts. One thing in particular that stood out the most about Teddy is his body isolation and lead which are his two major strengths (in my opinion), Learning from Teddy will certainly take your salsa to the next level, setting you above the rest.  To reflect on the UnitedSalseros dance school itself: it has been consistently growing throughout the years and has become a well respected brand in Canada which can be incredibly difficult to establish in an arts field. It is the high standard of the school that provides the opportunity for its growth.  It doesn't matter if you are new to salsa or if you have been dancing for years; you will learn something new and exciting every time you take a class with Teddy/US.

--Talek Cameron, former instructor of Queen's University Salsa (Kingston)



 am an avid social dancer and a salsa dance teacher and performer.  I have been dancing for almost 7 years now and have only been taking private lessons with Teddy for 6 months. In those 6 months, I have learned more about dance technique than in years prior. I was shown methods that have greatly improved my frame, connection and movement. In the past, I have had trouble with certain moves that involve momentum, timing and seamless connection between myself and my partner i.e.) cross body 360 and copas. Under Teddy's instruction, I have gained a better understanding of those issues and am able to execute them correctly. The most valuable lesson I have learned thus far has been Teddy's breakdown of fundamentals. With time, patience & practice anyone can become a great dancer when instructed by him.

Andrew Gray, Instructor, Salsa Club @ York University (Toronto)


nitedSalseros is one of the highest quality schools in all of Canada. The amount of time that is focused on the fundamentals far exceeds what is normally taught.  Teddy has a history of producing more high calibre dancers than any other instructor that I know of in Canada.  This is one of the main reasons why we waited all these years until the timing is right to finally bring him over to the region!  All UnitedSalseros instructors that Teddy trained are highly proficient on their own as it is, and we are truly fortunate that TO (Teddy Olaso) is indeed coming to Kitchener/Waterloo area!

---Tarek Gharib, DJ, DJ Tarek Salsa Events (Hamilton & South-Western Ontario)


eddy's school & body movement methodologies are known as "Toronto's best kept secret". With his tutelage, make your dancing feel natural, musical and dynamic. Teddy's classes are fun, build gradually & the variety of skills sets gives his students all the tools you need to become one of the most sought after dancers on the social dance floor.  University students in the Kitchener/Waterloo area should take full advantage of his instructional time in the region!

--Martin Dudkiewicz, Instructor, University of Toronto Dance Club (Toronto)


nitedSalseros is truly unique in their approach to teaching in that they separate the essential elements of salsa such as musicality, the mechanics and quality of movement from the noise and flashy distractions and effortlessly deliver insights that often elude even the experienced professional dancers. As a former student and a fan, I warmly recommend joining their entertaining lessons or performance groups!

--Laurian Angelescu, Founder and Former President and Sr. Instructor, University of Waterloo Mambo Club (Waterloo)


eaching and performing with UnitedSalseros continues to be one of my greatest learning experiences as a dancer, instructor and artist.  The quality of instruction Teddy delivers is truly at a different level in its ability to produce qualitative measurable results for not just some but to all levels of students with various learning aptitudes.  He has also trained (and continues to train) hundreds of performers and instructors all over Toronto and abroad from various dance companies outside of the school ; many of which are already highly established dance instructors and performers themselves.   All UnitedSalseros Sr. Instructors are available to deliver the same-level of quality of instruction, and instruction is now available not only in Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo area, but also in Square One, Mississauga!

--Kevin Gomes, Sr. Instructor, UnitedSalseros West (Mississauga)