The Formidable “Basic Step”

Nov. 29, Saturday, 1:30 pm to 6:00 pm

@ The Martha Hicks - 1660 Avenue, 2nd Floor

$40 Before Nov. 23 / $45 After / $50 @ The Door


Yes, it is…for all UnitedSalseros group and private students, this is the same thing many of you get eternally “tortured” with during the beginning of your group or private classes, and it’s finally getting its own individual workshop after literally dozens of workshops we’ve held with various topics since we started teaching, so students can learn the entire foundational training in its entirety.  Since the Basic Step is not so “challenging” direction-wise, it is often underestimated by all levels of dancers, especially by those who have already years of dancing experience since even beginners can generally pick-up the direction of the movement within one or a few classes.  However, the Basic Step and its potential applications are far more reaching than what most people realize.  Thus, it is equally valuable to those who or haven’t taken our past workshop.  In this 3 ½ -hour workshop (yes, that’s how long it is because that’s how important it is – so suck it up!), participants of all levels will:


  • Learn the six major methods of executing your basics—Naturalized, Armed, Shouldered, Ribbed, Modeled & Hopped—all of which can be executed individually, or as an organic whole for a far greater challenge;
  • Master the “Naturalized” method in order to make every other variation beautiful and discover how this seemingly “simple” step can make or break your leading and/or following technique, transitions from turn pattern to another, as well as take your shines (isolations, feet and arm movements) look absolutely phenomenal and effortless, regardless if you want to be subtle, neutral or powerful (thus, you need to add “styling” to a Basic Step in order to achieve natural contra-body movement and make it look beautiful, but it can be further “spiced” up with it); and
  • Receive crystal clear instruction, training methodology, checklist of internal alignments and visual aids to remember the factors required along with the entire repertoire of UnitedSalseros training/technique modules in centering, movement overlap, pressure control, rotation, opening/closing, line maintenance & timing requirements (also highly valuable for those who instruct/perform)

Even those who received instruction in the past that already have extensive dance experience and/or formal dance training already have found that just trying to execute just even 2-3 factors required is already challenging as it is (let alone all of them).  However, UnitedSalseros’ utilizes a training methodology (apart from just instructing) that allows participants to acquire a basic step and rehearse efficiently to gradually acquire the skill while minimizing training errors for faster learning.  Once this is achieved, all variations of doing a Basic Step will reach greater technical and artistic heights.  Currently, all UnitedSalseros performers (beginner to pro) receive training in these, as well as literally every private student performers/instructors (outside of UnitedSalseros that train with US) -- from the top local schools in Toronto, as well as internationally in Germany, Mexico, India, Korea, the USA & Canada—find out why!   So, enough of the BS (busy schedule)!  Register before the worm escapes the early bird.  If you’re going to BS, learn Total BS!


Please email Teddy@unitedsalseros.com for advanced registration / Instructed by Teddy Olaso / www.unitedsalseros.com