Salsa Trek: The Next Generation

Don’t want to travel TO?  Then let “T.O.” come to you!

   UnitedSalseros presents….


Salsa Trek:  The Next Generation

 Captained by: T.O. (Teddy Olaso), UnitedSalseros

@ The Flying Dance Company - 16 Wyndham Street N., Guelph, ON

Unofficial Course Transcript Leaked & Released!

Finally!  Get the “Data” you want!  UnitedSalseros’ Salsa supplementary classes have it all!  Well, nothing is perfect – but we strive for the process!  Setting aside personal discipline and determination, have you ever wondered why out of hundreds of people only a few excel?  On top of that, those “few” who transcend to an exceptional level is either naturally gifted or have had previous training much earlier in their life either through other dance forms or physical activities.

Though it requires qualitative practice, the good news, however, is that you need not to be a professional dancer or be born with good genes in order to become proficient at social dancing.  You can learn many of the habits that exceptional dancers do which distinguishes the average from the novice, the good from the average, and the exceptional from the good.  Many students, in an effort to try to get better as quickly as they can or just out of mere desperation, will either take more and more Salsa classes (private or group), or take other forms of dance training. Certainly taking more Salsa classes can increase your proficiency in Salsa along with the technical repertoire it carries (depending on your instructor), but it does not necessarily mean it will address the source of all your challenges in dancing.  What most will acquire if technique is not addressed in a manner that the students can learn, internalize and apply them, will mainly be an increase of movement repertoire with the same set of problems, from lack of coordination, poise, centeredness, gracefulness, etc.  If choreography were like words, for example--it does not mean that you will necessarily speak better though you may have more words to use when talking.  Some may also choose to take various lessons in other dance forms in order to help your Salsa. Will this be beneficial?  Absolutely!  Any training – provided the instruction is good and the instructors teach with integrity – is a good thing!  However, it can also be equally detrimental if it is not streamlined or specialized for what you need.  Furthermore, not everyone is really intending to become a professional dancer at other dance disciplines. For the most part, many really just want to improve their Salsa skills.  

The UnitedSalseros Solution


Nearly 20 years of teaching has taught us the constant desire of many students to acquire more and more choreography or to look for always something new – rather than focusing on continually improving past material given – is the biggest enemy of true change.  Learning slowly and less but with mindfulness can accomplish FAR MORE than just acquiring more and more choreography. Would you rather learn 10 moves, wherein your choreography is as flawless as possible, or learn 50 moves but your movements will definitely clear the dance floor in an effort to avoid you?  Even worse if you can’t use any of them because you have no technique to back it up and off time!  You do not have to be an instructor to know the right answer for this.  It’s common sense!  Thus, UnitedSalseros is now offering a series of classes to help local dancers in the area who are currently taking classes (or even those on a break) to supplement their classes with these series of courses.  It is NOT recommended for anyone who has zero experience dancing Salsa or Bachata.  Given the time limitation of once a week classes, it is imperative that all participant  should at least be currently be registered in any local Salsa/Bachata programs in their respective areas, or at least have gone through a series of classes through other instructors locally.  This is not an introductory course, although lots of new concepts will be taught in an introductory (and advanced) manner in almost all of the classes, depending on the level.  The classes offered are as follows:


Course A / 2 pm – 3 pm / Salsa Level 1-2 (On1) / Adv. Beginner – Intermediate / 10 Sessions / $150 Early Bird Price ($175 after Sept. 29)

This class focuses on learning how to properly execute and randomly alternate the 10 major Salsa Key Steps and basic styling figures for both men and women.  It’s serves a strong foundational class for those who want to improve their fundamental weight transfer (footwork), leading, following, turning, styling (arms and basic body isolations, and of course timing.  The class is perfect for those who have not previously taken any of the previous classes offered by UnitedSalseros in Guelph, and also serves a good review to those who have, allowing them to internalize the training principles more efficiently.


Course B / 3 pm – 3:45 pm / Bachata TM (Traditional-Modern) / All Levels / 10 Sessions / $135 Early Bird Price ($150 after Sept. 29)

There are many styles of Bachata, mainly traditional and modern.  There is absolutely no reason why one cannot have both and have greater enjoyment.  Learn the fancy footwork/feeling that traditional Bachata employs as well as the fun turn patterns and body movement variety that modern style utilizes, backed with UnitedSalseros’ advanced partner work technique.  UnitedSalseros is the first company in Toronto to bring authentic Bachata instruction from abroad in order to preserve and advance the core essence of the dance as it evolves and continues to give great joy to those who make it their own. 

 Course C / 4 pm – 5 pm / Salsa On2 (Intermediate-Advanced) / 10 Sessions / $150 Early Bird Price ($175 after Sept. 29)

Finally, New York On2 Salsa instruction has arrived in Guelph!  UnitedSalseros will take out the mystery and misconceptions of what dancing On2 means (it’s a different dance, it’s more complicated, it’s only for the elite, blah, blah, blah).  Although suited for those who have already a strong dancing experience dancing On1, this class is only more advanced because it is simply a higher level, not because dancing On2 is superior is dancing On1.  Music is music; movement is movement; it does not have a life of its own; it is the dancer that brings meaning to it – don’t let anyone fool you into believing that dancing On2 is better On1.  Having said that, however, there is a pacing, feeling and timing difference (different not necessarily better by default as that is strictly a preference) that comes with dancing Salsa On2.  The class will also cover advanced partner work and solo styling, employing body isolations and complex hand arrangements for those who can use a greater challenge, or can simply for those who want to get a taste of dancing Salsa On2 – whatever works for you.  As with all UnitedSalseros classes, including the earlier classes, all are backed with crystal clear instruction regarding execution and technique of all the movements, as well effective training methodologies and theories on how to improve one’s dancing – experience the difference!


Sundays, 10 Sessions,Oct. 5, 19 & 26 / Nov. 2, 16, 23 & 30 / Dec. 7. 14 & 21

Special Price:  Take Course A & B or B & C for an early bird price of $200 ($235 after Sept. 29)


Course A, B & C for an early bird price of $245 ($275 after Sept. 29)

*Course A, B & C is NOT recommended for those who are new at Salsa & Bachata* 

Please contact Tarek @ Tgharib@hotmail to register!