Ladies Arm/Hand Styling Workshop

Ladies, Arm Yourselves!



Arm/Hand Styling Salsa Workshop For Women

w/ Teddy O (Plus Asst. Instructors/Student Volunteers)

Saturday, Aug. 27, 2011 / 2 pm – 5 pm
$60 Before Aug 24th / $65 After

The Martha Hicks School of Ballet
2384 Yonge St., 2nd Floor of the Canada Post Bldg.
$10 off to all UnitedSalseros students!
(Challenge for all levels -- but
not for total beginners)

Do you find yourself unable to remember arm/styling figures while social dancing?  Do they seem spastic when you do attempt them?  UnitedSalseros’ arm/hand styling regiment for ladies is a very artistic, complex yet natural form of choreography that is instructed in a detailed, clear and well-paced manner that is easily understood and retained with qualitative practice.

 Back by popular demand, this workshop will teach you how to:

*     alternate power with subtlety, giving your movements the opportunity to breathe and look absolutely effortless;

*     match your arm/hand styling figures with the rest of your body including body isolations, making it look absolutely natural and not contrived;

*     link the three most commonly used forms of hand/arm styling combinations, creating a dynamic, beautiful and unparalleled synergy;

*     use the timing of the music thoroughly, allowing you to also attune your styling movements to both the major and minor accents of the music;

*     follow actively—not just functionally, granting your partner the chance to effectively lead you and thus create more styling opportunities in return; and

*     train gradually in accurate manner, minimizing errors and allowing you and retain the movements for practical use

As a bonus, you are allowed to be your own BOSS (Be w/ One Salsa Slave), meaning we can provide the first 15 women who register their own male partner that will competently lead them during the workshop for absolutely free! The “Salsa Slaves” will also get their own instruction separately on what figures to use through one of the instructors so when practice time comes, you are both ready to go!  You may also bring your own “Salsa Slave” at an additional cost of $10 (they will also receive good leading tips and technique) at the event that you miss out on the free offer. 


To register, please contact / Space is limited