UFC Boot camp@ Guelph!


UnitedSalseros Foundations & Choreography Boot Camp

Intermediate - Advanced / 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm / Saturdays

10 Two-Hour Sessions /20 Hrs. / Oct. 19/13 – Jan. 18/14

Limited to 14 Leaders & 14 Followers


$250 before Oct. 9, 2013 / $300 after

A Great Value - $12.50 Per Hour – Taught By Two Sr. US Instructors**

US Group Classes With Similar Structure & No. Of Hours Are Valued at $350 in Toronto!


Have you ever wondered what causes lack of coordination, clumsiness, stiffness, or the meaning of the phrase “trying too hard,” especially when executing body isolation, turn patterns and styling figures in general?  Yet why do others seem to be able to do them with very little effort?  What differentiates the good from the average, the great from the good, and the exceptional from the great?  Why, even with so many lessons, nothing changes for many other than an increase of the amount of choreography for most people?  

Are you constantly told to “just practice” and “you’ll get better in time” without a specific process to get there?  Perhaps you are one of the lucky “fast learners” and have never experienced any of these challenges.  But then how do you improve beyond your current abilities?  We are not referring to your pick-up ability, nor is it about how fast or powerful you can be--which are important actors, but are really just part of a larger equation.   Instead, what exercises are you learning that will enable you to go beyond your natural limits when it comes to controlling the size, speed, direction, and energy of your movements?

The UFC Boot Camp uses many somatic movement techniques to create change in the body. It involves techniques and approaches that focus on the individual developing and deepening a sense of the self within the body.  Somatic body isolation exercises, for example, are similar yet also considerably different from regular body isolation or styling classes.  While it shares the basic directional and routine breakdown of a regular

body isolation or styling class, it equally focuses on theory and exercises on how to make your movements more even (lines), centered (wholesome), supple (relaxed), and with even or contrasting energies (sharp, smooth, or a combination).  Hence, this will create natural and effortless movements that many refer to as someone being “gifted” or born with.  These classes are rarely, if not at all, offered in Salsa classes as it requires instructors who are knowledgeable with the mechanics of the human body and its relation to the nervous system, muscles, etc., as well as students who are patient and determined enough to create lasting change. Simply doing one class after the other or another type of dance will have minimal success. One will end up only doing different types of choreography with the exact same problems, unless there are specific somatic exercises to address them, or one belongs to the 1% of the population that is naturally gifted enough to pick up movements flawlessly (one’s chances of winning the lottery is better).

The UFC Boot Camp is course designed to introduce the key foundational technique we use in establishing good fundamentals in all our group classes, except that it is taught as an organic whole rather than in sections to help students learn faster, understand the training better, and transcend their dancing with greater artistic depth musically and technically.  Lastly, at least 20 sessions are necessary in order for the instruction to be thorough enough for students to internalize and apply the movements with repetition, reviews and refinements.

**Taught Directly by Teddy Olaso (US Director) & Jodi Grible (Sr. Instructor)**

Course Outline

 Foundational Footwork (2 – 2:20 pm)

  • Natural hip action with even weight transfer
  • Balanced counter movements between feet, arms and body during a basic step
  • Excellent footwork definition and execution

Spinning (2:20 – 2:40 pm)

  • Top-like turns on the dot (both directions), as well travelling turns
  • Control of speed and momentum with ease
  • Practical spotting during turning

Partner Work (2:40 – 3:00 pm)

  • Gentle, clear leading and responsive, supple following with highly advanced arm-work styling
  • Elastic, adaptable, sensitive, and tension proof following & leading skills whenever necessary
  • Advanced compensation/survival strategies when dancing with individuals who have leading/following problems

Choreography (3:00 pm – 4:00 pm)

  • Key Salsa shines that serve as foundational figures to majority of fancy footwork
  • 7 major body isolations and basic application; Basic Afro-Cuban (Rumba)
  • 10 Key Interchangeable Salsa Steps (KISS) that serve as foundational figures to majority of Salsa patterns
  • Intermediate-Advanced turn patterns with 3D Styling (Hands, Feet and Body Isolation)

Musicality (3rd Last Class – Full 2 Hours)

  • Basic timing redefined (On1 or On2)
  • The macros and micros of musicality
  • Musicality and natural expression
  • Applying what you’ve learned to your current choreography repertoire

Students will also learn the principles that make the above-mentioned beautiful to watch, covering the theories of relaxation, center work, sequential movement, pressure control, advanced coordination and movement overlap.  This addresses the proven theoretical framework as to what makes someone transcend from a dancer to an artist technically and gives the dancer the skills to express himself or herself to the music according to his/her preferences.  In addition, the beauty behind the UFC Boot Camp is that everything is under one roof without the need for specialized classes which saves time and money short-term and long-term with qualitative practice.  Furthermore, the technique learned in these classes will prove invaluable to those who teach themselves or a part of a performance team. Moreover, the class structure and time frame may not be what most people are used to.  However, in order to truly make a difference in one’s dancing, students must understand that commitment and qualitative practice – no matter how repetitive it may seem – are absolutely necessary. UnitedSalseros’ is certainly not in shortage of fancy choreography (and can create new ones to no end), and it would have been fairly easy for the company to run classes that “razzle dazzle” incoming students in order to keep their business, but we chose not to as part of our commitment to quality, as one the biggest detriment to progression is the insatiable quest of students for new material that distracts them from other equally important matters.   After all, what good is one’s repertoire of movements if it can’t be used outside the classroom? As with all our classes, the choreography taught are balanced with technique, timing and musicality that can be applied to your fellow students or any other dancers you encounter in the dance floor whose Salsa skills are functional regardless of their level.

This class is a closed class; those who end up joining at a later time or miss many classes will need to do one to three private classes in order to catch up with what the rest of the class covered.  The dates are as follows (October 19 & 26November 9, 16, 23 & 30; December 7 & 14/13; and January 11 & 18.  There is no class on Nov. 28Dec. 21 & 28/13; and Jan. 4/14due to the company being away and holiday break.  Should there be any cancellation due to illness or the unpredictability of the Canadian weather, a class will be rescheduled.

  To register in person or by e-mail, please email: tgharib@hotmail.com